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Vital Group Fábrica

The Vital Group Factory

Mattresses, toppers, pillows, comforters...

At Vital Group we are specialized in the production of a complete range of products dedicated to the world of bedding. But above all else, we take our our commitment to the vital health of our users, making the bed the best tool for this purpose.

We also manufacture on demand, according to the needs of each customer and develop products with unique and exclusive designs.

Because to sleep is not the same thing as to rest.

Vital Group Experiencia


Vital Group has over 10 year of experience, with a vast and long journey and knowledge of the bedding industry. We know all that is necessary to be able to offer innovative and beneficial quality products for our customers.

Vital Group Garantía


Vital Group is composed of highly qualified professionals, thus guaranteeingthe best manufacturing process and quality control. In addition, we have all the necessary Certificates to comply with current regulations.

Vital Group Diseño


At Vital Group we have created some of the most innovative textiles of the market offering our discerning customers the best possible solutions for rest. In addition, we design and manufacture products on demand.

Vital Group Evolución


Vital Group is constantly evolving. From our beginnings we have advanced in the development of new materials, technology and machinery with which we obtain the highest quality in the manufacture of unique products in the market.

Vital Group Certificado FDA
Vital Group Certificado OEKO-TEX
Vital Group Certificado SGS
Vital Group Certificado AITEX