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Vital Group Tecnología

Technology and Innovation with Vital Group

Mattresses, toppers, pillows, comforters...

Vital Group are in constantly evolving. Our constant research and study of new materials allow us to create new and diverse materials day by day to improve the bedding products we offer our clients.

That is why from our very beginnings we have advanced in the development of new materials, technology and machinery with which we achieve the highest quality in the manufacture of products that make the difference. That is why we offer our customers high added value.

Because to sleep is not the same thing as to rest.

Vital Group Estudios


At Vital Group we analyse the needs and problems related to health in order to offer the best solution to each customer.
Our products are mainly categorised by their therapeutic and health properties.

Vital Group Materias Primas

Natural Materials

Vital Group makes the most of natural raw materials to create new products. The cellular material used in each fabric is meticulously selected for either its therapeutical properties or for its special organical composition.

Vital Group Investigación


Behind each new Vital Group product, a lot of time spent on research and development in order to obtain the field results that guarantee each of our products.
Our International Certificationsare more than a guarantee this.

Vital Group Desarrollo


After a long and exhaustive process, Vital Group develops the best materialswhich will confer each determined property to the end product. We constantly innovate and improve the elements and the work processes.

At Vital Group we have adapted all of our production production to meet the highest standards and health and quality requirements at international level.

All our products comply with the most restrictive flammability regulations in the world. We have the SGS flammability Certifications of the 16 CFR regulations in parts 1632 on cigarettes and 1633 on open flame.

We also hold OEKO-TEX Certificates, which guarantee that none of our products contain harmful substances as well as the FDA Certificate (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) which gives us a high degree of differentiation for sales in the US market.

Vital Group FDA Certificate
Vital Group OEKO-TEX Certificate
Vital Group SGS Certificate
Vital Group AITEX Certificate