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Vital Group Productos

The Vital Group Products

Mattresses, toppers, pillows, comforters...

At Vital Group we manufacture all types of products related to bedding. Our Our mattresses, toppers and pillows are made by applying the most innovative manufacturing systems around. We are concerned about people's health and that is why our catalogue offers and infinite number of therapeutical possibilities. That is why we give our customers high added value.

Because to sleep is not the same thing as to rest.


Vital Energy

Mattress with micro-encapsulated Tourmaline ideal forGemotherapy.

Vital Balance

Mattress with 16 Natural Minerals as well as Nanotechnology.

Vital Love

Mattress with micro-encapsulated aphrodisiacal fragrances.

Vital Health

Mattress with micro-encapsulated Minerals for health treatments.

Vital Fresh

Mattress with a micro-encapsulated system of Natural Fragrances.

Vital Warm

Mattress with Natural System of heat transformation and generation.

Vital Cool

Mattress with Natural System that generates freshness.

Toppers / Quilts

Vital Energy

Topper with micro-encapsulated Tourmaline ideal for Gemotherapy.

Vital Balance

Mattress with 16 Natural Minerals as well as Nanotechnology.

Quilt Vital Energy

Nordic Quilt with micro-encapsulated Tourmaline to rest well in winter.


Vital Energy

Pillow with micro-encapsulated Tourmaline and Viscoelastic System .

Vital Balance

Pillow with 16 Natural Minerals as well as Nanotechnology.

Vital Bamboo

Pillow with special Bamboo fabric that gives it unique properties.

Vital Celliant

Pillow with encapsulated Microparticles of Natural Minerals and Viscoelastic System .

Vital Visco

Classic pillow with ErgoCheck System and special textile.

Vital Protect

Pillow with electros-static cleaning System.

Vital Pure

Pillow made of natural plant tissues.

Vital Clean

Pillow made of a special machine-washable fabric.

Vital Gel

Pillow made of special fabric for keeping it cool.

Vital Confort

Pillow made with a high density of open cells.

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